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December 2015

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Welcome to Cooking Magazine. December 2015

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Pumpkin Recipes

Sour Cream Orange Pumpkin Pie Recipe

For pie: 1 9 unbaked deep dish pie shell 2 Eggs, lightly beaten 1 3/4...

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Crockpot Recipes

Lone Star Brisket Recipe

6 lb Beef Brisket well trimmed 2 Onions sliced 1 clove Garlic ...

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December 2015 Cooking Magazines Headlines

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Baked Salmon Recipes

Baked Salmon Croquettes Recipe


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Brownie Recipes

German Chocolate Brownies

German Chocolate Brownies Recipe

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New Cooking Recipes

Chicken Flautas
Chicken Flautas Recipe

1 9 oz pkg. frozen tortillas 2 tb Oil 3/4 c Chopped onion 1 lg Garlic clove,minced 2 1/4 c Cooked,shredded or finely diced chicken 2/3 c Chicken broth 1 4 oz can mild green chilies,finely chopped 1/3 c Raisins 1 ts Salt 1/2 ts Ground coriander 1/4 ts Ground cumin 1/8 ts Pepper 1 tb Cornstarch 1 tb Water Oil for frying 1/2 pt Sour cream Set tortillas aside to partially thaw.In large skillet,heat oil saute onion and garlic for one minute.Add chick...

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Dish Of The Day

Texas Red Chili Con Carne

Texas Red Chili Con Carne Recipe
Te as Red Chili con Carne No. 2135 Yields 6 Servings 3 Lb Boned Beef Chuck, Cut 1 Tbls Cumin Seeds, Cr...
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Category: » Mexican Recipes

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