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July 2019

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Lacto Dum Gobi Recipe

Lacto Dum Gobi recipe and other potato recipes updated by our cooking food network top chefs. Fill Free to download and share with your friends and family.

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VEGETABLES 1 lg Cauliflower, separated
into florets 1 c Frozen petite green peas
6 md Tomatoes
6 md Onions
OTHERS 1 c Plain yogurt
1 c Water
SPICES and amp FLAVOURINGS 1 Stick cinnamon
4 Cardamom (elaichi), crushed
4 Cloves (lavang), powdered
MASALA INGREDIENTS 1 ts Turmeric powder
1 ts Coriander powder
2 ts Garam masala powder
2 ts Mild cayenne pepper powder
2 Green chili peppers
3 Cloves garlic
1 sm Piece ginger
1 tb Vegetable oil
Salt OPTIONAL TOUCHES Blanched, slivered almonds and/or cashews. 1. Toss cauliflower and peas in one of the inner bowls of the pressure
cooker. Wash with water and drain. Sprinkle with some salt. Steam this in the pressure cooker. (you can cook rice in the other bowl of the pressure cooker simultaneously). 2. Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes dice the onions.
3. Grind into paste: half the onions, together with the other ingredients
for the masala. 4. Heat a little oil, add cinnamon, cloves, and remaining onions. Fry
until onions are turning golden. (if you're going for the pretentious touch, you can add the almonds/cashews now.) 5. Add the masala paste and mi /fry well, stirring continuously.
6. Beat the yogurt with the tomatoes. Stir into the frying pan.
7. Turn off the heat and cover, (but keep stirring frequently). Wait for
the pressure cooker to release pressure gradually until it is safe to open. 8. Add cauliflower and peas to the frying pan, turn the heat back on and
add a cup of water with salt according to taste. Cook until gravy thickens. 9 The ideal appearance is a chunks of cauliflower in thick saffron coloured
gravy (color comes from the turmeric). 9. Garnish with your choice of freshly chopped cilantro, mint and any other
unidentifiable : ) herbs shredded green chili peppers, finely chopped green and red bell peppers, NOTES: 1. This is a simple preparation, though slightly more complicated than the sag aloo (spicy spinach and amp potatoes) that I posted a few days ago. 2. Total time required is about 45 minutes. But I find it feels like less
since it does not demand undivided attention. 3. Quite ine pensive, even with the almonds and cashews and the fancy
geegaws. IMPORTANT 4. About the cayenne pepper... I find that because of the cooling effect
of the yogurt, 2 spoons of _MILD_ cayenne pepper works for me. However, it depends on whether you want your mouth watering and your eyes lighting up, or the other way 'round. : )

Lacto Dum Gobi recipe and other potato recipes updated by our cooking food network top chefs. Fill Free to download and share with your friends and family.

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