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October 2018

Chicken Breast Recipes

Pineapple Cake Recipes

Tasty Pineapple Cake

Tasty Pineapple Cake Recipe
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Paella 2 Recipe

Paella 2 recipe and other chicken breast recipes updated by our cooking food network top chefs. Fill Free to download and share with your friends and family.

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2 c Basmati rice
3 c Water or chicken stock
Butter 1 md Carrot, diced
1 Stalk celery, diced
1 lg Onion
8 oz Shrimp, shelled and
deveined 1 14 ounce can baby clams
2 sm Fillet turbot, sole, red
snapper or trout cut into 1 inch chunks 2 Boneless, trimmed, skinned
chicken breasts, cut into 1 inch chunks 1/2 Chorizo sausage, cut into
small chunks 1 14 ounce can artichoke
hearts, drained, rinsed and quartered 1 md Red pepper, cut in 1/2 inch
strips 4 Cloves garlic, minced
1/4 c Lemon juice
2 tb Saffron
2 oz Madeira wine or sweet sherry
32 Mussels
2 Tomatoes, diced
16 Black olives pitted and
halfed Salt and pepper, to taste Chopped parsley 1 lg Lemon, cut in 8 wedges
In a large, deep, flat pan, put the rice and water or stock. Cover and bake in a 350 degrees to 400 degrees oven until almost all the water is absorbed. In a saut 82 pan, melt the butter and saut 02 the diced carrot, celery and onion until the vegetables are soft and the onions are translucent. Remove from the heat and set aside. Remove the rice pan from the oven. Mi in the saut 82ed vegetable, the shrimps, clams, fish fillets, chicken, sausages, artichoke hearts, red pepper strips and garlic. Stir in the lemon juice, saffron and Madeira and arrange from the mussels around the outsided edge of the pan. Sprinkle the surface with the diced tomato and halved black olives, cover and return to the oven until the mussels open and the rice, fish and chicken are cooked through. The rice should be dry, not mushy. Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve on large plates arranging the mussels around the edge of the plates. Garnish with parsley and lemon wedges.

Paella 2 recipe and other chicken breast recipes updated by our cooking food network top chefs. Fill Free to download and share with your friends and family.

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